Ithaca Arthaus Survey

We want to know how the Ithaca Arthaus could best serve and encourage a thriving arts community.

The Ithaca Arthaus is a 120-unit building of affordable housing units at 130 Cherry Street, proposed by the Vecino Group, next door to the Cherry Artspace.  The building will consist of a mix of studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments aimed at residents earning 50-80% of the Area Median Income, with rent costs set to be about 30% of income. The ground floor will hold a management office, a lobby, and between 5,000-6,000 square feet of yet-to-be programmed space, overlooking the inlet, that’s about the side of the sales area of the GreenStar Market on Buffalo Street.

In order to understand what individual artists and the arts community needs, we’ve devised the following survey.

Please fill it out and SHARE this with your fellow artists. The more data we gather, the better we will be able to design a meaningful space for Ithaca’s artists.

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Your Discipline
Do you consider your art your primary occupation or a secondary occupation?
How long have you been a working artist?
How do you work?
What are your favorite times to practice your art?
Do you work:
I'm satisfied with my current studio space
How much studio space do you ideally require to make your art (not counting storage)?
Do you have access to the kind of studio space you need?
How much storage space do you need for your art?
Do you have access to the storage space you need?
Do you have particular spatial of physical studio needs?